johnny buzzerio



I’ve got nothing against Ronnie Wood. Really!…he’s great. But he should still be playing guitar with the Faces, a great band. …while I, should get to be the new guitarist, alongside Keith Richards (my hero), for the Rolling Stones. After all, I’ve had way too many dreams where this is happening, to not believe it to be possible. Also, the rebel, outlaw guitar player thing is very appealing to me.
I find myself moved by photography and black and white imagery as much as guitars and Rock n Roll. I start to explore the world of picture taking.
It occurs to me that I may have a better chance of being a part of the Rolling Stones by using a camera instead of a guitar, as my interest in creating imagery and my camera skills, are surpassing my playing ability. I start shooting musicians in Los Angeles.
Photography is my passion, and a great means for creative expression for me. And while, to my soul’s satisfaction, my career as a photographer continues to evolve in exciting directions; I find I’m still playing the same old songs on my guitar…

I grew up in New York (Jets/Mets) then headed “out west”. After stints in Boulder and San Francisco, I found myself in Los Angeles to pursue photography and an internship with famed photographer Douglas Kirkland. I went on to assist some of the top photographers of the day, while building a body of work that would soon find its place in the record industry and entertainment business. I’m fascinated by the human condition (mine especially...ha) and what moves us as individuals. I have a genuine love for people, and feel very fortunate that I get to observe their spirit through the camera lens. I enjoy sharing my love of photography and music with my 2 children, Nick and Gemma.